How to Choose the Hearing Aid Features That Are Most Useful for You

You thought the hardest part of overcoming hearing loss was making an appointment for an exam. Now, faced with the option of hundreds of hearing aid devices, you’re not so sure. You’ve been told which devices have the ability to correct your specific hearing problem, but there are so many aids on the market that you’re standing like a deer in the headlights. How can you possibly choose one device?

How to Select the Hearing Aid Features You Will Actually Use

No matter what tech magazines and review sites may say, the best hearing aid features are the ones that work for you. The functions that your ideal hearing aid will offer should make your life easier, so your choice will depend on your typical daily activities. For instance, you may need different features based on how much you enjoy:

  • Social functions. If you enjoy hanging out in groups or babysitting your grandchildren, you should opt for a hearing aid with automatic directional microphones. These pick up the sounds of the people facing you while minimizing background noise, making it easy for you to communicate with those around you.
  • TV and cellphones. If you’re the tech-savvy type, you might want to consider a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. These devices use wireless signals to bring the sounds from your cellphone, television, music player, and other electronics directly into the hearing aid.
  • Movies. Many movie theaters, opera houses, and public buildings are equipped with telecoil systems, allowing the hearing-impaired to hear a production without background noise. A hearing aid with a telecoil mode is a good choice if you regularly attend church, go out to the movies, or enjoy plays and live musicals.
  • Sports. Living the active lifestyle? Hearing devices that offer enhanced noise and feedback reduction could keep you in the game. For those who enjoy sailing and skiing, certain devices can cut down on the blowing noises of the wind, while golfers may opt for transient noise reduction to amplify speech and reduce sudden loud noises.
  • All of the above. If you’re never sure what the day will bring, you may wish to consider a device with multiple environmental modes. These settings can be pre-programmed for the best possible hearing in the car, in a crowded room, or on the phone, and allow the wearer to quickly change modes to suit her environment at the push of a button.

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