Hearing Loss Patients Can Hear Better Using Apps on Their Phones and Devices

Technology offers many ways for people to overcome hearing loss. Not only are new hearing aids introduced each year with more features to improve quality of life, but software developers have created applications that can help patients hear better by using their cell phones, tablets, and other smart devices.

How Smartphone Apps Can Help Hearing Loss Sufferers

Since most people keep their cell phones on or near them at all times, it is a logical step to use these devices as a way to help people who are suffering from hearing problems. Hearing applications (or apps) are individual programs that can be downloaded and opened on computerized devices, and the most popular include:

  • Hearing screening apps. Have you ever taken an online hearing test? This same technology that allows people to understand their hearing problems has been taken a step further, helping to diagnose and begin treatment on patients worldwide. While hearing screenings use sophisticated audiometric testing, mobile apps provide a basic conduction testing to allow patients to test their hearing in their own homes. Doctors can also use these apps to perform screenings in remote areas or places where there is no access to better resources.
  • Personal sound amplification devices (PSAP). Patients often first notice hearing loss because they have difficulty hearing sounds at lower volumes. Some of the most useful applications are personal sound amplifiers, which filter and increase the volume of the sounds moving through the device. Using the cell phone or tablet’s microphone and sound processing technology, the user can “boost” the sound signals around them. Although these apps will not offer the same power or programs as modern hearing aid products, they may help users hear in conversations and quieter environments.
  • Hearing aid remote apps. Many modern hearing aids can be paired with mobile devices, allowing wireless connection to smartphones and tablets. After patients download the app created by their hearing aid’s manufacturer, they can use their cell phone or tablet as a remote control to adjust volume or change program settings without taking their hearing aid out of their ears.

While applications for hearing loss can provide many benefits, they are still no substitute for a comprehensive hearing test performed by a specialist. Use our quick contact form to schedule your hearing screening today!