What All Patients Should Ask Before Buying a Hearing Aid

With so many different types of hearing aids on the market, choosing the right one for you can seem like an impossible task. However, asking a few key questions will allow you to find your ideal device, get the most value for your money, and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your choice.

Ask These Questions Before Buying Your Next Hearing Aid

There are more hearing aid vendors than there are devices, and what you buy is just as important as where you buy it. The advantage of working with the right hearing care provider is the ability to get instant answers to vital questions about hearing aid devices, including:

  • Can I try it on? You should be able to have hands-on (and ears-on) experience with all of your chosen hearing aids. We always help you try on your device prior to purchase, and we make necessary adjustments to fit and volume to give you a real-world sense of what to expect from your device.
  • Is there a trial period? Hearing aids can be expensive, so you should take every precaution to make sure you are happy with your device. Find out if your provider offers a free hearing aid trial period so you can test the device at home. For example, we offer a free two-week trial for all new hearing aids.
  • How much will it cost me? Your hearing specialist should advise you of the total cost of your hearing aid, including any portion that is not covered by your insurance provider. At Sound Advice, we accept most insurances, have 0% financing plans, and can work with you to make your chosen device affordable.
  • Can I return it? There is always a chance that you will not be satisfied with your device, so you should ask about the refund policy, including how long after purchase it can be returned and if there is any portion of the purchase price that cannot be refunded.
  • What does the warranty cover? All new hearing aids should come with a limited warranty. Discuss with your provider which types of damage are covered and which are not and make sure you know how long the warranty period lasts.
  • Do you perform repairs? Get the facts on your provider’s repair services, including how much they cost and if they are done in-house. At Sound Advice, we perform maintenance and repair on all types of hearing aids, even if they were not purchased in our stores.

Our hearing care professionals will be happy to walk you through each of our digital hearing restoration devices. Call or visit one of our office locations today to get your hearing aid with ease and peace of mind!