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ReSound Unite™ Wireless Accessories Available at Sound Advice

Available at All of Our Locations in DE and MD

The easy-to-use ReSound Unite™ wireless hearing aid accessories work with ReSound Verso®, ReSound Alera® and ReSound Alera TS™ to help you hear things that are outside the range of any hearing aid – discreetly, without devices to wear around your neck. This is thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a robust and reliable standard, which gives you strong, clear and stable connections.

Our hearing aids work with all ReSound Unite® hearing aid accessories featured below:

ReSound Unite Wireless Accessories Available At SAHAC


ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone

With the introduction of the ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone, we offer an extraordinarily versatile device that transmits speech directly to your hearing aids. It is a discreet clip-on microphone that helps you hear speech clearly and enjoy one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations.

The ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone also functions as a personal, portable audio streamer to help you listen to your iPad, iPod, laptop, TV, radio, and other devices – just place it front of the speakers to stream directly to your ears.

ReSound Unite™ TV

The ReSound Unite™ TV streamer sends clear stereo sound from your TV, computer, stereo and other audio devices directly and wirelessly to your hearing aids. You can now enjoy strong, clear sound from your TV and, at the same time, take part in conversations and keep track of the sounds around you.

The Unite™ TV sits ready-to-use next to your TV, or other audio source. You don’t have to wear anything extra or need to worry with wires or cables due to the wireless connection, and you can move about freely while watching TV.How to use ReSound Unite wireless accessories

ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip

The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip makes talking on a mobile phone automatic, effortless and reliable. This is a clip-on accessory the size of a matchbox that gives you a wireless connection between your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and your hearing aids. It helps eliminate whistling and improves the experience of talking on the phone with a hearing aid.

ReSound Unite™ Remote Control

The ReSound Unite™ Remote Control makes sure you never lose your hearing aid settings. The Remote Control enables you to track your settings, and change programs or adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids individually. As a small hand-held device, it also makes adjusting your hearing aid more subtle and easier to do than touching your hearing aid directly.


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