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ReSound Verso Hearing Aid Devices

Available at All of Our Locations in DE and MD

The ReSound Verso is a small and powerful advanced hearing solution that lets you tune in to all the voices and sounds that matter most to you. The Verso leverages breakthrough technology that gives you a true-to-life hearing experience, enabling you to engage naturally with the world around you while delivering outstanding sound quality with the best in feedback management.

ReSound Verso Features and Benefits

  • Delivers speech clarity in background noise especially in noisy environments like restaurants
  • Reduces the chance of whistling and feedback while delivering deep, rich sound
  • Preserves the sound quality of music, so that it sounds richer, fuller and more natural
  • Binaural functionality makes it easy for patients to use and allows both instruments work together to adjust and optimize the settings for different listening environments

The ReSound Verso model is protected inside and out by iSolate™ nanotech coating so moisture just rolls right off – which means they’ll last longer and let you engage in all kinds of activities.

Verso allows you to connect to TV, mobile phone, or a microphone that is used by a companion and broadcast sound directly to Verso hearing instruments. Both instruments work together to analyze the listening environment and provide patients with outstanding sound quality.

Selecting the Right ReSound Verso Model for You

ReSound Verso comes in wide range of models designed to make wearing a hearing aid as comfortable as possible. They’re also sleek and discreet – including some of the smallest hearing aids available.


ReSound Verso Performance Levels

  1. Premium – Verso 9
  2. Advanced – Verso 7
  3. Mid-Level – Verso 5

Color Options Available With the ReSound Verso


From finding the right style, performance level, and color, our experienced hearing aid professionals at Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers can tailor the settings to give you a perfectly customized solution.

How Does the ReSound Verso Compare to Other Models?

Our lifestyles reference chart compares the ReSound Verso to some of our other models:

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