Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Find Out How Our Hearing Specialists Get You the Help You Need

The hearing specialists at Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers can find a device to fit any ear and any budget, helping you regain the hearing abilities you have gone too long without. Find out more about the services we offer here.

Hearing Testing and ScreeningHearing Testing and Screening

Want to know if your hearing aid is working properly? Not sure how much of your hearing has been lost? Our full-service hearing lab offers a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your hearing loss and help you choose the device that will restore your hearing ability and give you your life back.

Hearing Aid DevicesHearing Aid Devices

Many hearing aid suppliers are only interested in selling you a device and pushing you out the door. At Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we take the worry out of finding the perfect hearing aid. Our hearing specialists consult with you to find a device that fits your ear, condition, and lifestyle. We also make regular adjustments and modifications to your device, allowing you to hear better, longer.

Hearing Aid RepairHearing Aid Repair

Most patients can forget that they are wearing hearing aid technology—that is, until the device stops working. At Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we perform regular maintenance and inspections on your device to keep it working perfectly, and can repair broken or damaged devices to save you the cost of buying a new hearing aid.

Tinnitus Evaluation and ReliefTinnitus Evaluation and Relief

For people who are suffering from tinnitus, a hearing aid may be beneficial in more ways than one. Tinnitus is a constant noise that only the patient can hear, causing distraction, interrupted sleep patterns, and other life disturbances. Our hearing specialists can perform audio testing to diagnose and treat your tinnitus, relieving the stress of your condition.