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Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Home Life and Keep You Working Longer

It probably won’t come as a surprise to most people that hearing loss can significantly affect their ability to communicate with other people. But what many patients don’t realize is that a breakdown of communication can lead to lost or damaged relationships with their loved ones, leading to behavioral changes, loss of intimacy, and alienation for a hearing-impaired family member.

People with hearing loss will often suffer problems in their relationships:

  • At home. Hearing difficulties can place a strain on marriages and personal relationships, leading to arguments and rifts between couples. Spouses and partners often report an improvement in their home lives, more frequent interaction with family members, and a more secure role in the household after hearing correction.
  • At work. A recent Dutch study on hearing loss and work habits found that a hearing impairment can significantly affect an employee’s ability to earn a living. The study discovered that workers with hearing loss are more likely to call in sick than their co-workers, and one in five hearing-impaired employees will take early retirement.
  • On the town. Social bonds are important in all stages of life, and it is especially necessary for a hearing-impaired person to have a strong support system. People who suffer from hearing loss may make excuses to stay home from social gatherings and leisure activities, causing friends to drift apart (and the hearing loss patient to become isolated).
  • With yourself. A problem with personal relationships is often felt internally, and can harm the emotional and mental stability of the hearing loss patient. A hearing-impaired person is more likely to suffer shame, irritability, anxiety, and depression as a result of the condition, further affecting quality of life.

A Simple Hearing Test Can Help Rebuild Your Relationship

If this sounds familiar, there may be a simple solution that can help you get back in touch with the people you have lost. Hearing loss treatment can result in significant improvements in a patient’s relationship, often from the first moment a hearing aid is turned on. To get your hearing tested today, call our toll-free number, (410) 202-8517, and make an appointment with the hearing care specialists nearest you.