Do I Really Need a Hearing Test If There’s Nothing Wrong With My Hearing?

You see your dentist twice a year. You see your doctors far more often than that—especially since you turned 60—but you always keep your annual appointment for a checkup. And of course, you have your vision tested annually to update the prescription for your glasses. But do you really need to have your hearing tested as often as you see your regular doctors?

Benefits of Regular Hearing Testing for Seniors

Unfortunately, many patients realize too late the importance of regular hearing testing. Seniors who undergo at least one hearing test per year are far more likely to enjoy full-body health benefits. Among other benefits, an annual hearing check-up can…

  • Prevent falls. Hearing disorders can disrupt the balance in the inner ear, making it more likely that seniors will suffer a fall. Falls are one of the most common causes of serious injury in elderly patients, and increase the risk of premature death.
  • Create a record. Even if your first annual hearing test shows no hearing loss, it can be used as a baseline for all of the hearing testing you undergo in the future. This allows doctors and hearing specialists to predict how quickly hearing might degenerate, but also to prevent hearing loss before it begins.
  • Detect health problems. Many patients do not realize that their hearing problems are a symptom of a more serious condition. Diabetes complications, Ménière’s disease, blood pressure problems, tumors, and head injuries have all been suspected (and successfully diagnosed) after hearing testing.
  • Extend longevity. Living with a hearing disorder can place a great deal of stress on the patient, and cause him or her to withdraw from family functions or social gatherings. Hearing problems have also been known to increase the risk of dementia in older people, leading to a shortened lifespan.
  • Give you peace of mind. If you are given a clean bill of health from a hearing specialist, your family can take comfort in the knowledge that you will be alert to loud sounds in the middle of the night and are less likely to suffer a fall.

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